Name: Ch. Foxfire's Native Tauq


AKC Reg No: WP441090/03

Born: 09/16/92

Colour: Grey & White

Sex: Male

A/C Ch Poker Flat's Rainman Ch. Kee-Too's Kaija Talarik Ch. Kee-Too's Taaralaste Buffalo Oak's Kukukulik
Taaralaste Naki Neiu
Kee-Too's Alaskaland Kaija Ch. Inuit's Wooly Bully
Ch. Voyageur's Elke
Ch. Poker Flat's Snow Flurrie A/C Ch. Barrenfield's Rocket Torpedo A/C Ch. Big Foot's Field Artillery
A/C Ch. Alcan Mate to Arte
Ch. Poker Flat's Nahanni Ch. Shandar of Hidden Brook
Ch Malesa's Mischief Maker
Ch. Foxfire's Savannah Lillie Ch. Tobe's Tony Baretta A/C Ch. Karohonta Skymaster Ch. Uyak Buffalo Bill
Ch. Karohonta Voo Doo Flame
Ch. ToBe's Arctic Jill Ch. T'Domar's Bismarck
Ch. N Bar J's Lady Genevier of To-Be
Ch. Kazan's Foxfire Savannah Koldwind's Koryak Ch. Kazan's Kremlin Kylee
Ch. Koldwind's Miss Warrior
Ch Kazan Classic Music Kazan's Kodello Kylee
Ch. Wildwind's Classic Kazan

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