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About Greywolf Kennels

  Although I have owned or been owned by malamutes since early 1977, I have only been breeding since November of 1987. I didn't start until I had the temperament and movement in a Mal that I feel is important.

The most important quality in a Malamute that I personally look for are: temperament, movement and overall well put together. I do prefer a nice blocky head, good bone and very dark eyes.

I started with Mals quite by accident. I had always thought, "when I get a dog" it would be a German Shepherd. Then one day, while waiting at a hamburger stand for my boss' lunch, I saw this beautiful dog. I just had to know what breed it was and, of course, the young fellow told me it was a Malamute. I had never heard of this breed before but immediately started to investigate. The "when I get a dog" became "I want a dog now".

The first Malamute I ever owned did not have a temperament that I could appreciate so I sold her. The next Mal I got was a male but unfortunately his temperament was not any better. He did not like other dogs or children. I worked with him for about 5 years before giving him to someone who knew what he was like but wanted him anyway.

You would have thought I would have quit by now but not me. I knew there was better out there and I was determined to choose more wisely next time. I did, but my next little girl had hip dysplasia and I was unable to use her for breeding. By the time I had her x-rayed and discovered this, I had already purchased a lovely male (Kudu) from work and show lines to breed to her. Fortunately, I had bought her from a very reputable breeder who replaced her with a new puppy that I called Magic.

Ch. Malnorska's Indian Chief Kudu, my foundation male, had also been purchased from the same breeder and was everything I could ask for in a Malamute. He had an absolutely wonderful temperament, flawless movement, a great head, excellent bone and a perfect tail set. He went on to be a multiple group placer in spite of my handling abilities (or should I say my lack of handling abilities).

Ch. Malnorska's Lodestar Magic, my foundation bitch, was not everything I wanted in a bitch but did have some very good qualities as well as a great temperament. She finished her Canadian championship easily taking best of winners along the way in spite of not liking dog shows.

We are a hobby breeder who breeds only because we love malamutes. As a rule we have only one litter a year. We may, on occasion, have two litters in a year and only when we want a puppy for ourselves from a particular breeding.

The dogs we own are used for sledding, showing and weight pulling as well as some backpacking. In our area there are not many weight pulls anymore but we take in every demonstration pull that occurs with at least one of our dogs and usually two. We also enjoy just taking the dogs for evening walks.

I can be reached by email at, by phone at 204-355-9167 or by regular mail at the following address:

Diane Tracy

43064 PR 206

Landmark, Manitoba, R0A 0X0, Canada


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