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Upcoming Litters

  We at Greywolf Kennels Perm Reg'd are planning a breeding in the near future. Below you can see the sire and dam with links to their pedigrees. 

Click on the pictures for larger versions. 

All our puppies are born in the house where they get plenty of attention. The puppies move outdoors at around 5 to 6 weeks to give them more room to play, but they continue to come in for daily visits to keep them well socialized before they leave for their new homes.

For additional information you can email me at the address below.

Diane P Tracy -


Yeti's hips are  OFA excellent #AM-11289G24M-PI Chd #AMCA13963 Eyes clear Sept 2011  Long Coat Carrier


Hestia's hips are WCVM Excellent.  Chd #AMCA-13964 Eyes Clear Sept 09 Long Coat Carrier

6 Puppies arrived on Nov 18, 2011   (4 boys and 2 girls)


Greywolf's Yeti Puzzle Kick (pointed)-   Yeti is a very sweet but boy. He was born March 18, 2009.  He is about 25½  & 95 lbs with a  nice head, small ears,  dark brown eyes, correct bite, correct tail set, good bone and correct coat.  Pictured Nov. 2009.


Greywolf's Quest for Glory (sitting on 9 pts) was born on Sept 30, 2010. She is a 23½", 70 lb, well balanced female with a very pretty head, dark brown eyes, correct bite, good coat, good bone, sweet temperament and excellent movement.  Pictured May 2009
  Quantum & Venus will both be X-rayed and have his eyes cleared before this breeding will take place 

Quantum              long coat clear.          CHD applied for


Venus                  long coat carrier.       Chd # applied for

This breeding is planned for Spring 2012



Greywolf's Quantum O'Solace. Quantum was born Sept 30,2010 He is a 25¼" 85 lb  structurally balanced boy with a nice blocky head, small ears,  dark eyes, correct bite, correct tail set, great bone, correct coat and great movement. Pictured at 11 1/2 Months out of coat. 


Ch. Greywolf's Venus DeMilo. Venus was born on February 16, 2010. She is a 24½", 80 lb, very well put together female with a pretty head, very dark eyes, correct bite, correct coat, good bone & temperament and correct m½ovement.. Pictured January 2011 at 10½ months

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